Growing up in Miami, Florida I was heavily influenced by the art scene there. Back in the 80’s and 90’s there was a huge boom in street art which brought about so many different genres like graffiti, Art Deco, and realism to the forefront. In witnessing this, it encouraged me to pursue my own art journey which led me to apply to the Columbus College of Art and Design upon graduating from high school in 1991.

After applying and then receiving a scholarship to CCAD, I began my art career. I was fortunate enough to land a tattoo apprenticeship in one of the very 1st premiere tattoo studios in Columbus and the very 1st tattoo studio on Ohio state campus in 1994. That studio was called Viking Tattoo and it was led by one of the most progressive artists of that time, Lars Johansson. I learned the value of work ethic, creativity and customer care, as well as the newly set standard of client health protection procedures and practices that the board of health requires.

In my 25 year career I’ve mainly focused on my love of realism, fine art, and portraiture. But I also love and appreciate doing just about every style and genre of tattooing.

I have always felt a true love and appreciation for this beautiful art form that has flourished and grown immensely in the time I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of it. And I look forward to continue serving past, present, and future clients with the same quality and care that Columbus has grown accustomed to receiving from me.

For all tattoo and freelance inquiries, please contact me at